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Wedding Ceremony Music – professionally managed and faded.

Most venues use nothing more than a consumer CD player for your wedding ceremony music. Oftentimes you cannot even choose the music that you would like during your ceremony or will be given a choice out of a few CD’s

As a wedding specialist, I give my clients a different option. I will provide a discrete white booth and a virtually invisible Bose PA system to manage and play YOUR choices of music.

You can choose any music you like* (subject to the registrar’s approval) and I will play your choices during your ceremony, at the correct volume, faded at the right moments and adding dynamic full sound which will be crystal clear for all your guests to hear.

Start your wedding the same way it will end – amazingly.

The ceremony music is included with my complete day package or can be included as an optional extra with any other package. Making your wedding totally unique and memorable. Also another Bose P.A. system will be provided during your drinks reception. As you can see in the photo above – the Bose speaker system is virtually invisible and not intrusive like traditional speaker systems.

If your venue offers to provide your wedding ceremony music, ask to see what equipment they will provide and whether you can choose your own music choices.

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