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L1Bose-2-323x1024 Bose P.A. Hire for Weddings and ConferencesBose L1 Compact Speaker P.A.

The L1® Compact system combines conventional PA and monitors into one sleek unit. Positioned behind or to the side of a performer, DJ or presenter, it delivers wide, even sound coverage throughout the stage area and audience—even off to the extreme sides. It’s our smallest, lightest, easiest-to-set-up L1® system.

The L1® Compact system’s slim loudspeaker distributes sound clearly and evenly throughout the room, thanks to Bose Spatial Dispersion technology. The speaker’s unusual vertical shape makes it distinctly different from conventional PA speakers―and has a very positive effect on sound coverage. Even audience and band members off to the extreme sides hear the same clear, tonally balanced sound as those in front

Integrated system

With the L1® Compact system, you don’t have to carry a separate amplifier, mixer or bass cabinet: They’re already built in. The system’s power stand includes an integrated bass speaker and amplifier, plus a built-in mixer providing a total of four inputs and two outputs.

Channel 1 is a microphone input with a customised ToneMatch® preset for a handheld dynamic microphone. The preset automatically optimises a handheld microphone’s tone when used with the L1® Compact system. Channel 2 accepts up to three inputs at once, including a guitar, keyboard or other instrument, DJ mixer, MP3 player, laptop or projector. It features a customised ToneMatch® preset to optimise the sound of an acoustic guitar.

Other additional services you may require include,


  • HD Projector & Screen Hire
  • LED Mood / Up Lighting


Perfect for weddings background music, soloists & business / conference requirements.




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Hire Charges


1 Day Hire £100.00 Same Day 2 Days Hire £200.00 Sat - Sun 5 Day Hire £375.00 Mon - Fri 7 Day Hire £425.00 Mon - Sun
Delivered, installed & demonstrated before your event
All cables provided
Shure radio microphone included
1 Day Hire-
2 days hire - Saturday - Sunday-
5 days hire - Monday - Friday-
7 days hire - Monday - Sunday
Collected after your event on the same day-
Collected after your event on Sunday
Collected after your event on Friday-
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