DJ, Compare, and Passionate about Marriage

The advantages of having a compare at a wedding are more far reaching than you might realise.  Weddings without a compare can feel a bit lost, like the whole thing is directionless and disorganised.  This can make your guests feel tetchy which in turn can lead to kids getting restless.  The whole thing can feel a bit winged.

Wedding compares however, add a new dimension to your wedding.  They ensure the speeches, the thank you messages, and everything else that happens at a wedding reception keeps moving along.  This not only gives your wedding direction, it also shows your guests that your wedding is organised without it feeling too rigid.

A Good Wedding Entertainer

Wedding entertainers who know their stuff will make sure they do not get in the way of your wedding but add to it.  They will work with you to ensure your wedding is just as you want it.  As well as comparing and DJing, I also offer extra features such as wedding monologues.  I brought these features into my wedding entertainer services because of requests from previous couples.

Wedding DJ

Music can make or break a wedding reception which is why I take the time to work with you to find the music you want to hear on your big day.  I also make suggestions to keep the party moving along.  Generally, people want to dance to up tempo classics and I have plenty of floor fillers in my collection.

Wedding Entertainer Dorset

If you are getting married and live in Dorset or areas close by, I can help you bring your wedding reception to life.  To learn more why not give me a call on 0800 644 1986 or contact me by clicking this link: Wedding Entertainer Dorset

I look forward to speaking with you