The right music has the power to set the appropriate mood and atmosphere for an occasion. Music inspires laughter, humour, conversation and conviviality. It allows people to bond and share in their passion for a particular artist, band, or style of music from a particular decade. The right music, most importantly for a wedding reception or party, will work wonders in getting people up on the dance floor.

Choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding can be a tricky, seemingly impossible task. What should you go with: a string quartet, a live blues band, a jazz singer with piano accompaniment, a disco DJ? What music is really you as a couple? It can be a difficult decision, especially if you both have very different ideas as to what constitutes ‘good’ music. Inevitably there will be a degree of compromise involved.

So, what about that wedding DJ? If you’re looking for a compromise a wedding DJ is a wise move as you can create a play list that appeals to both your musical tastes and incorporates a selection of easy-listening, dance-friendly tunes for everyone to enjoy.

Andy Collins DJ is a wedding DJ committed to making your wedding reception an event to remember. Andy will provide a bespoke, personalised and non-cheesy DJ service, and can bring the music to your wedding in Dorset, Swindon, Cotswold, Newbury or Gloucestershire. To find out more visit Andy Collins DJ.