Chances are you will never have planned a wedding disco before. The evening entertainment is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day – no pressure, of course – so it helps to find a wedding disco DJ with the experience and flexibility to adapt their services to suit your requirements.

So, what should you remember when planning your wedding disco?

  • Make sure all songs included in your playlist are feel-good tunes that are good to dance to. Try and strike a balance between playing your favourite hard rock anthems with tunes others will want to dance to.
  • Get your guests involved and leave space in the playlist for them to make requests – it’ll keep the dancing going well into the early hours.
  • Be sure to veto any tunes you don’t want, but also be open-minded to suggestions from your DJ.

  • Try to select a couple of songs from multiple decades. Weddings will always have guests of all ages, so be sure to represent each decade/era.
  • Include any songs important to you as a couple. Sit down together beforehand and make a list to submit to your DJ. Perhaps there was a particular song playing when you first kissed or a tune humming away in the background during your first date? Give it a hearing if it means something to you.
  • One word: compromise. You may, as couple, have varying views as to what you consider suitable music for your wedding. Meet in the middle, and again, be advised by your DJ.


Andy Collins DJ is a wedding disco DJ in demand throughout Swindon, Cotswold, Newbury, Gloucestershire, Dorset and beyond. Remember the more crowded the dance floor, the better. Andy will help you to keep that dance floor thriving all night long.