Quality wedding entertainment is really not as expensive as you think

I recently broke down my fees for a client and it really did not only shock my client, but also shocked myself, so much that I had to recalculate my sums 3 times and then get the checked again.

So how and why did this come about?

I had received a call from a prospective client who wanted to know how much 5 hours of my time would cost. After a lengthily telephone discussion with my prospective client, asking a few questions and listening to their needs and requirements it was quickly apparent that a meeting would be more suitable as we could discuss their wedding in more detail.

At which point my prospective client really only wanted a price for 5 hours, as they said do you have a 5 hour package?. I replied no! As a wedding specialist, my packages start at around 25 hours! At this point my prospective client laughed, thinking this was one of my really awful jokes. But it wasn’t, it’s true – my evening wedding entertainment packages really are on average 29.5 hours. I love marathon weddings, we dance all day and night 😀

Ok, marathon weddings was a joke, but 29.5 hours on a 5 or 6 hour evening disco isn’t. My calculator isn’t on the blink either 🙂

This phone conversation prompted me to go through all of 2014 evening reception weddings, and calculate the “average for each activity” so trawling through accounts, and paperwork and calculating the admin, travel, meetings, preparation and music preparation time etc. for each wedding.

So, how much does a wedding DJ cost?

Now every DJ will have their own business plan and that will depend on many factors, so this is based purely on my own business plan. As a full time wedding specialist you may be surprised how little my fees are when broken down per hour, per guest.


This is what you believe you are paying for


  • Someone to play music for 5 hours during your wedding
  • Job done!, everyone goes home after a good time.

Total £600 / 5 hours = £120 per hour


Divided between the average of 60 guests = £2 per hour per guest

Whilst this is still exceptional value for money, it isn’t a true reflection of the whole service that I will provide you. It’s the planning and preparation that I put in to your wedding weeks and months before your special day that will ensure that your wedding will be remembered for all the right reasons.


This is the amount of time that will actually be invested in your wedding


    From your initial enquiry
  • 30 minutes on an initial personal email reply or telephone call enquiry
  • 2 hour preparation before client meeting
  • 1 hour travelling to meeting the client
  • 1.5 hours at client consultation
  • 1 hour driving back home

    From booking my services

  • 1 hour admin for contract and setting up planner accounts
  • 2 hours preparation for pre wedding meeting
  • 1 hour travelling to pre wedding meeting
  • 2 hour pre wedding client consultation
  • 1 hour travelling back home from meeting
  • 3 hours admin / music preparation

    On the day of your wedding

  • 30+ minutes loading up van
  • 30+ minutes getting ready
  • 1+ hour driving to venue
  • 45 minutes getting in
  • 1 hour setting up / final checks
  • 30 minutes freshening up / Getting changed
  • 5 hours actual performance time
  • 20 minutes getting changed after function ends
  • 45 Minutes packing down / loading up
  • 1+ hour driving time home
  • 1 hour for dinner (usually between 2 – 3AM)
  • 30+ minutes unloading
  • 1 hour final admin
  • BED!

The list doesn’t include other events such as subsequent admin for additional meetings or email replies, the time checking, cleaning and maintaining equipment prior to your event or occurrences that add time on the event date such as traffic jams, or often sitting outside your venue for an hour or two as the venue is over running

Total £600 / 29.5 HOURS (average) = £20.33 per hour


Divided by the average of 60 guests = 0.33p per guest per hour!

That’s why I offer personal service and receive amazing testimonials


  • A 100% client satisfaction rate to date
  • Award winning DJ based on the services that I provide
  • I’m highly recommended by venues and all of my previous clients
  • I’m consistently gaining glowing reviews and testimonials
  • I am officially approved by Trading Standards
  • Consistently participating in various training for the benefit of my clients (you)
  • I offer a very rare money back guarantee if you don’t love everything that I will do for you


Value for money

The above is a true account of my amount of my time based on 2014 events that on average that I have spent on EVENING ONLY weddings for my clients in 2014. That’s the preparation that I put into your wedding before ensures that your wedding is totally personal, memorable and fun, so the timeline above dramatically increases for diamond and platinum wedding packages or you have more than 60 guests!

Taking all the above into account, my fee for my personal and bespoke service, plus the piece of mind  that I will provide you for your once in a lifetime day, really does represent exceptional value for money.


* fee shown correct at time of publication January 2015 based on all my evening only wedding packages booked for and during 2014. All content is © copyright Andy Collins wedding DJ 2015 onwards and any copying or reproduction in part or full is strictly prohibited.